My why

“I want to bring kids up in a world without stigma attached to mental health."

That a turning point came of hearing people from my past taking their lives due to depression yet portrayed a life of happiness through social media so nobody was aware of what they were going through.

That seeing people trying to hide their own issues yet push an ‘amazing’ portrayal of their own life on socials, clearly heightened by the flawed reality of what other people put out on social media was leading to them suffering in silence with mental health issues and not seeking help.

With an innate ability to capture the very essence of these stigma’s attached to mental health through a single image to create an emotion in people to take action, I want to let people know it’s ok to speak up & help break this stigma towards Mental Health.

Thus I set about with the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign with friends and public profiles to showcase that mental health (although people feel only effects them) can effect anyone of us, even celebrities at anytime.

Help is out there if and when needed for people being either directly or indirectly affected by Mental Health.

- Glenn Marsden

The Imperfectly Perfect Campaign is creating awareness and not a substitute for professional advice. Should you need help, please call lifeline on 13 11 14 or dial 000 today. For anybody living outside Australia, please refer to your nearest crisis numbers.