‘I’m right behind the @imperfectlyperfectcampaign for a number of reasons. Not least because I know a few family and friends who have suffered with mental health issues over the years . In fact I lost a close mate a few years ago to depression and as anyone would know, the toughest thing for someone like myself who has lost someone to mental health issues is knowing and believing that you could’ve done something about it; if you had known. With that said, if you are suffering my message is just seek help, talk to somebody. People do care & you are needed. This world is not a better place without you. You are loved. Maybe consider volunteering some time with some kids or with the elderly because that can put a little bit more perspective in it for you. But do reach out, ask for help. You will be surprised that whoever you reach out to, will know a number of people suffering with the same issues that you have right now. I’ve lived in Ireland, England, Australia and now here in Los Angeles and I can tell you that its very privilant and it’s very common and it isn’t the case that it’s weak to speak out. There is help out there. So just know it’s not weak to speak: suffering in silence is not the solution, people care and people are there.’


jeremy jackson

‘The Bad Idea Voice Is A Lair.Seems everyday I have to FIGHT. This negative,self harm talk,fear,doubt, insecurity demon that tells me “it’s all pointless” “why bother” “stay in bed” “it’s never gunna get better” “give up already” “body really likes you” “your a fraud” “your time has come and gone” and on and on and on. I can tell you that without MASSIVE ACTION I would not be here typing this message , I would be homeless , in jail or psychiatric ward or dead. This massive action I speak of comes in many many forms , meditation , fellowship , prayer , writing or journaling , support groups , charity , volunteering helping others , working with animals , seeking deeper forgiveness of self and others seeking deeper acceptance for life the way it is exactly here and now, bigger purpose than aesthetics driven health and fitness like community! These are just a few examples of massive action and I’m sure many many more exist and are just waiting for YOU, ME, US to BE A PART OF. You see alone I am weak , I am sick and I am dying. With connection I can manage. With support I can thrive , with purpose i can move past my finite , weak and obsessed self and into something bigger , something greater something EPIC. It’s not easy! But it’s SIMPLE. Maybe just maybe I’ll never be TOTALLY FREE of this demon, but I have come to believe that 1 day at a time with the help of others , some new principals and directed steps I can not only have great days but i can create a life beyond my limited creative thinking and out of my natural ability and into something supernatural . All I have to l do is STAY IN THE FIGHT! Just keep moving inches or miles it doesn’t matter as long as i STAY. And when times get to tough I look to WHO I CAN HELP and like magic my worries , my mania , my crippling thoughts are subdued. We who carry that weight , we who move even when recked by trauma and fear WE ARE WARRIORS. We must search one another out , plug in, support , In closing it is my hard won experience that has shown me I cannot THINK my way into right actions , I must ACT my way into right THINKING. Get up! Move! SUIT UP AND SHOW UP EVEN IF IT FEELS IMPOSSIBLE.’

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‘The reason why I decided to come on board the @imperfectlyperfectcampaign is because I know what it feels like to deal with mental health. I went through it pretty much after the marines fighting in Iraq. I was diagnosed with PTSD and it was a long battle to say the least. People out there dealing with mental health , I think it’s best they get treated, try to get help, talk to somebody whether it’s loved ones , friends just don’t be by yourself. Don’t get stuck in this phase you are in. It can really bring you down and things can happen. The worst can be committing suicide. So if you really need help - go and find it and get that help you need.’



‘Mental health issues are nothing to be embarrassed and ashamed of. Everybody is dealing with something so please remember to be kind and supportive to your fellow human- you have no idea what they are going through. Just because someone seems ok on the surface it doesn’t mean that they are not struggling. You always hear it is the people who are the happiest are actually suffering the most. Just reaching out and being there for somebody could change their life- trust me, I have lived it.’



‘As someone that’s dealt with depression we often feel completely alone, that no one can understand us. But what we often don’t realize is that everyone is going through something. We’re just afraid to say it. Maybe because of our upbringing telling us we need to be tough and bottle it in or because of the stigma that’s still associated with mental health issues. But it’s okay. It’s okay to say you don’t feel right. It’s okay to let it all out. It’s okay to talk to someone. You don’t have to do it alone, because you aren’t alone.’



‘We have to start to look Mental Health right in the face & learn not to let it beat us, by speaking up & speaking out should we need to. I’m a big advocate for anti-bullying & Mental Health Awareness, & it’s definitely a huge problem & one so prevalent in America. I personally lost my brother to PTSD which is a constant issue too in the US, with all these soldiers coming back from war and dealing with mental health issues. It also doesn’t stop there, when there are kids as young as 10 taking their lives in schools due to bullying and dealing with mental health issues. With this said, there is nothing wrong with being Imperfect & no such thing as perfection. I am far from it & have a lot of flaws. At the end of the day, learn to be nice to everyone, be kind because we are all human’



‘Eating disorders come in a rainbow of colorful flavors each with its own distinct recipe. Start with a big heap of self-hatred, add a dash of perfectionism, and sprinkle with insecurity and you've got the basic ingredients for self-destruction. While these traits undoubtedly factored into my own struggles with bulimia, I think a more deeply seated issue was to blame: I was a "Yes Girl." I'm here for you and I'm not going to leave."
We all need someone there sometimes. Everyone needs to talk to someone sometimes. And yes, we know it's getting a bit repetitive and boring. But the same fears, the same struggles come up again and again. And knowing that someone is there for us to listen, to find distraction or just to talk to about random things; it all means more than you could ever imagine.’



‘I got behind the mission, movement & the conversation @imperfectlyperfectcampaign because myself have struggled with anxiety, depression & suicidal thoughts & I’ve also lost a lot of high school I work with to suicide
& my heart & my mission is to help as many people come through it & out on the other side of the tunnel, knowing that we are all in the same boat.
We’re all trying to figure out this friction, & these tensions in life.
I found mine through my pain & my purpose & want to help as many people find their freedom and who they are & to be themselves, to find joy in their stories’





‘As someone who's father passed away when he was young, it can leave a lot of questions and confusion for a kid or anyone for that matter. I was fortunate to have access to talk to skilled professionals that helped me to work through dealing with the emotions of such a loss and saw early on the importance there is in having dialog around mental health and access to resources when needed. Glenn's mission to reduce stigmas and increase the conversation around mental issues is a universal topic that needs further light shined on it, that's why I since day one have supported the @imperfectlyperfectcampaign’



Mental Illness is a very important subject. It touches everybody and like the @imperfectlyperfectcampign stands for - it does not discriminate.
We really do only have one life so I believe we should try & give it our all. Through life we will all endure our troubles...but if we have a strong support system around us don’t be afraid to speak. If you have friends around you don’t be afraid to reach out, but also if you don’t happen to have that support system, please remember that there truly are many people out there to help us so don’t be afraid to speak up


brian wesley williams

‘I have always known people who have suffered from anxiety & always found it pretty hard to understand but then when it hit me, I was like oh my god! What is this...
Suddenly trying to figure everything out all at once, getting on the track for a race and never thinking I was going to deliver, ever!’


‘I wanted to be a part of the @imperfectlyperfectcampaign because as a person who has experienced bouts of depression before, and witnessed countless friends and family struggle with it too, i wanted to normalise the conversation to help reduce stigmas and increase and enhance access and attitude towards treatment.’


‘I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life and used to spend a lot time hiding and feeling very alone in it. The @imperfectlyperfectcampaign is creating an honest dialogue about mental health so that we can support each other during these times of pain and suffering. I’ve discovered that what we think and believe about the world completely informs our lives. By staying connected and open, we can create space for each other even in the darkest times. I’m so grateful to @glenn_marsden and the @imperfectlyperfectcampaign for inspiring me to speak up during emotionally challenging times and reminding us of the power of community. We are all connected and now more than ever, we have the opportunity to come together and truly support each other in times of excitement and joy, as well as moments of extreme fear and sadness. No one should have to feel alone in their suffering. You are not alone. You are seen. You are heard. You are worthy. You are loved and supported, always.’


alessandra de martino

‘Mental illness is such a prevalent occurrence in this country yet we as humans have been taught to keep quiet and suffer in silence. We have been taught that mental illness is a form of weakness and something to be ashamed of. So many preventable tragedies have happened due to untreated mental illnesses. These people have kept silent with feelings of shame accompanying their suffering. When I was in college I came forward about an eating disorder to then be shunned by a group of girls. It was such a terrifying experience as if something was “wrong with my character”. Not only was I battling a disease but I also felt rejected and ashamed. I suffer from anxiety: crippling, life altering anxiety.

It’s not just a “bad day” it is a full on shut down of my entire body and mind. I can’t think, I can’t move, and I can’t just “distract myself”. I wish more people understood and were compassionate towards mental illness. If you had a broken leg or arm you would seek medical attention for your issues. Then why do we as people avoid our “mental health”? I have been told to “get over” my issues by training my mind to think “positively”. Sometimes medication is necessary and can help change a person’s life for the better. I’m here to say, you aren’t alone, you aren’t a burden, and that you will NEVER be a burden.’


‘Never judge a book by its cover. Sure, on the outside it may seem that I have always been conquering my goals without any failures within the fitness and physical therapy sectors, but that is far from true on the inside. Just like so many of us, I too have struggled with depression, loneliness, and thoughts of giving up throughout my journey to where I am now as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The only difference is that I took that major step of reaching out to someone else; a family member, friend, and other professionals. Allowing others to help you through these times it was really makes the difference and can help you get back on track. You aren't alone, so don't feel like you need to keep things to yourself. Express yourself and reach out to others. The only thing you are is normal.’



“When it’s us, we don’t like to talk about it. We think we’re broken. We think no one wants to hear about our struggles. When it’s someone close to us, we often times don’t realize the severity. When it’s too late, we wish that they would have said something. That they would have invited us into their pain so we could sit with them through it. The truth is that we all struggle with mental health to some degree. It’s time that we relinquish the ideas that life must be sunshine and rainbows or else we’re broken and bury the stigma that to suffer from mental health is anything but a part of being human. It’s time we step up and speak into the lives of those who are in need. And when it’s you, be courageous and let yourself be heard, known, and loved.” . ‘Communicate, even when it’s uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways ways to heal, is simply getting everything out’