Everyone deserves to be heard.
It’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.
— Glenn Marsden


Through a series of portraits and other visual mediums, I have taken with the incredible help from some of Australia's most well respected public figures from actors to presenters, sports players, chefs & more - its a representation of these peoples raw emotion when thinking of their own personal story. They cant hide it nor disguise it. Its beautiful and its authentic and if by sharing their stories in a public forum through social platforms to create an awareness campaign that resonates emotive language through visuals to so many that may look to these with aspirations to be like them or that think public figures must have it all....if it makes them stop, sit back and realise we are all but one and all share our own experiences through life with mental health whether it be directly or indirectly then provokes action in people to seek the help they may need; we have paved the way for a new movement in breaking the stigma towards mental health. A special thank you to everybody involved with the film for without your time and advocacy towards mental health and changing the way we see it and believing in my vision for this - it would not have been made possible. _ To Jahmin Lerum, our incredible American friend who flew in from the states to make this film and documentary about the campaign a reality. I am forever grateful.


'Stigma causes many people to suffer in silence, especially men. . - Men Cry. - Men Hurt. - Men Breakdown. - Men suffer with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. - Men have suicidal thoughts. - Men suffer with Mental Illness. - Its NOT UNMANLY to struggle. We need to be encouraging men to speak out, not letting anyone any longer suffer in silence.


The visual mediums I’ve taken represent people’s raw emotion when thinking of their own story. They can’t hide or disguise it. It’s beautiful and authentic. That’s what the imperfectlyperfectcampaign is about, accepting ourselves for who we are - mind and body, with all our imperfections.’

Episode 1 - Paul De Gelder

Join myself and Julian Maroun as we chat to none other than the incredible Paul De Gelder. Aussie Army Airborne, Navy Clearance Diver, Shark Attack Survivor, Presenter and now Actor as we chat all about Imperfectly Perfect, his amazing life through his own challenges, set backs throughout his life to where he is today and all the of inspirational things he is doing that he says he could only have ever of dreamt of.

Episode 2 - Marny Kennedy

Join myself and Julian Maroun once more as we chat to none other than the incredible Australian Actress; Marny Kennedy. Through an amazing career in the spotlight from such an early age through to going through her own challenges and set backs, we share such a candid chat and gain such a awesome insight into just what has made her become the strong independent woman she is today.

Episode 3 - clinical psychologist Dr.Emmanuella

Join me today as I sit down in the studio with clinical psychologist Dr.Emmanuella and chat about the campaign, gain some incredible advice and information about mental health and learn more in what we can all take away with us for not only our own mental health but those friends or family around us.

Episode 4 - Michelle Stephenson and Michael Falzon

Joining me in the studio today is none other than National Newsroom Manager, journalist, reader of news; Michelle Stephenson and Actor, Singer, Producer and currently starring in @officialevita; Michael Falzon. We chat all about the response to the campaign, the pro's and con's in todays society through social media, self-diagnosis to wanting and hoping to see change.

Episode 5 - CLINICAL Psychologist DR.HAYLEY WATSON & Richard Brancatisano

Joining me in the studio today is Actor Richard Brancatisano and Clinical Psychologist Dr Hayley Watson as we chat to all about the campaign and cover a wide array of topics around mental health and the stigma attached to it.

Episode 6 - Radio favourite & actress heather maltman

Joining me in the studio today is Radio Presenter & Actress Heather Maltman. Listen in as we chat to all about her involvement with the campaign and she openly talks about her personal struggles with mental health both directly and indirectly by those closest to her. An incredible woman with an incredible story. I am so thoroughly honoured for her to share her story through the campaign in the hopes it goes towards helping more people realise that we are all human, we all go through things and most importantly we are not alone.


Joining me in the studio today is one of my oldest friends; Australian Actress Jaclyn Albergoni. In this episode, we talk candidly about Jaclyn’s own struggles with her Mental Health, how she has managed to turn this into a positive with helping others struggle with mental illness & why she got behind the Imperfectly Perfect. For more from this episode, simply head to the iHEARTRadio app and subscribe to the imperfectlyperfect podcast where we chat for a further 45 minutes.


Such an opening and raw conversation as I sat down this week with one of the incredible faces for the campaign; Actress & Model @kirsty_mckenzie_ For somebody whom has built a great career over the years through modeling, to open up about self-loathing herself in those early years and keeping it to herself being in an industry where you are told to look a certain way or be perfect; it’s a lot to take on for anybody. To then pursue an outlet and find another passion in acting that as we find out time and time again; can redirect those emotions and be turned towards a positive. This lady is not only an inspiration but a huge advocate to spreading the awareness for people to get talking more openly if they are struggling with their mental health. If young girls going into the modeling industry or whom may be in the world of modeling may be struggling; just know you are not alone and just to reach out to somebody.


‘Dealing with Motherhood’ with @nixainley • One truly remarkable lady I had the honour of having in studio for a chat & shoot for the campaign to show another side of Mental Health; that being Motherhood. Coping with the pressures of a career whilst simultaneously becoming a new mum to twins & trying to juggle everything all at once. This is an amazing lady who shares such a raw honest story of her journey. • Honestly, such an honour to have her share her story with myself and the campaign in aid of letting know other mothers, parents whom may feel that they are in this alone, that they are not and help us out there.